Heat Press Tips

Heat Press Tips

If existing, remove the Teflon sheet from the upper and lower platen of your heat press.

Reason: Teflon absorbs too much heat and leads to faulty and inconsistent results.

Make sure that the press has reached the set temperature on the heat platen. Then, close your press for 30-60 seconds to pre-heat the lower platen. This step should be done before beginning to work or after long breaks.

Reason: If you follow the above step, you can be sure that the lower platen definitely has the desired temperature. You can only reach consistent results with an adequately heated lower platen.

Always place the transfer media in the middle of your heat press.

Reason: Some heat presses do not have uniform heat and pressure distribution on the edges. The further you go to the edges, the more likely processing errors will occur, due to the lack of pressure on/around these areas.

Remove substrate from the heat press carefully.

Reason: While opening the press or removing the substrate from your press, the corners of the Clear Carrier Film may lift up from the fabric. This leads to undesired hot-peeling and to incomplete and faulty edges.